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SOCH - 3rd edition - Best seller in its category for 2 consecutive years

SOCH - Handbook

Salient Features

  • TIDE book- text which guides in the right direction.
  • Special emphasis on Chapters of Squint, Optics and Neuro-ophthalmology.
  • In-depth text explained in an easy to remember and understand format.
  • 500+Images, Illustrations & Flow charts.
  • Mnemonics for easy remembrance.
  • Correlation with non-clinical subjects in back 2 Basics boxes.
  • End to all controversies with suitable references.
  • Extra Mile boxes- for that extra piece of information on each topic.
  • One Lines for quick revision at the end of each chapter.
  • 800+Qs with explanation & 250+Image-Based questions.

Book Reviews

Best Wishes to my rockstar friend Dr Utsav Bansal for his fantastic Soch to title his beautiful book SOCH the best destination for ophthalmology for PG entrance examination. May your dedication to your grandfather rise and shine. ~ Dr Apurv Mehra
Its a proud moment to share the great and passionate hard work of Dr Utsav Bansal sir, who is one of the "best teaching faculty" across the country. Its a masterpiece and most simplified book written by sir. Gone through few chapters and assure all students that you will really feel awesome after going through such a fabulous concepts, content, flow charts, tables and other illustrations. Best wishes to Sir for grand success of such a beautiful creation. ~ Dr Devesh Mishra