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  • Dear sir!! I had kept ophthal as my branch option since I attended ur iecture at Bhatia and luckily I got it in ahemdabad today!

    Dimpy Modi, Student
  • Attended your class today sir. This is the first of any pg classes I’ve ever attended. Thank for teaching us the best way possible. Ur energy levels were so high, Certain concepts u made them so clear---u amazed us at ur perfection while revision the pace at which u went.. thanks a lot for being so wonderful sir...

    Akhila Dronamraju, Student
  • Sir, I attended your class for the first time yesterday. It was mind blowing awesome. You made every concept so clear, Best ophthalmology I ever read, seniors like you are inspiration to us.

    Monika Singh, Student
  • Good afternoon sir, I was a student at dbmci and I have got neet rank 225! Thank you sir for your ophthal class, it was very helpful and played an important role in answering ques in all exams!

    Shefali Yadav, Student
  • His stress on concept understanding is the best part of his teaching. He made us "see" ophthalmology in a new light!

    Pallab Saikir, Student
  • Sir ur neuroopthal. N squint teaching was marvellous... they got their stability in my mind.. Thnx sir. Best opthal class

    Abhilasha Prasad, Student
  • One of the best classes I have attended til today, even I didn't go to the college classes which I never used to miss. Thank you sir for your utmost patience with which you taught us and also sir your words inspired me for the exams and I shall start working hard from now.

    Naina Sah, GMC 3rd Year
  • Never found Ophthalmology this interesting. SOCH- not only ophthal is simplified but also it made beautiful. Not a single topic seemed boring because of the interactive sessions if related images in almost every topic. Sir brought interest in me to specialise in Ophthal {if possible in this hospital}

    A. Akhil Kumar,Kakatiya Medical College
  • Thanks u very much for such an awesome class sir. I was indeed blessed to attend your class sir. I always wanted to take up ophthalmology sir but always feared that I dunno 60% of the subject. Now you've given me confidence sir. I promise to work hard adn with your blessings once I get a good rank I would really need your help sir for planning my future. And sir your book is also a visual treat sir. Thanks once again sir.

    Kushal Goud, Student